Friday, February 19, 2010

SMK KIJAL: English Teaching Assistant 2010 (ETA)

Quick Facts:

Full Name: Kathryn RoxAnn MacAulay
Nickname: Katie
Hometown: New Ulm, Minnesota, USA
Education: Augsburg College
College Major: International Relations
Birth Place: Livingston, Montana
Foreign Language: Spanish

Chocolate Chip Cookies, The Season Fall, The Colour Mustard, Travelling, Reading, Raspberries and Blueberries, Hot Apple Cider

Ms. Kathryn's Mentors:
Mrs. Saliza binti Othman, Mrs. Ida Zahariah binti Mahmood, Mrs. Roslah binti Mohd. Yusoff

Q&A with Ms. Katie:
1. So, what's so special about Minnesota?
-It's where I come from, so obviously it's special! Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes; its nickname is Minnesnowta because we get so much snow; it has all 4 seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer; do you know the cartoon Peanuts with Snoopy? The artist, Charles Schultz, is from MN!

2. Tell me a little bit about your family:
- I am the middle child and only girl. My parents are Tom and Marcy and I have two brothers-Jake (31) and Conor (21). That makes 5 of us!

3. What is your favourite Malaysian fruit?
- I absolutely LOVE mangosteen and rambutan!

4. Favourite place you have travelled to?
- That's a tie. I loved Patagonia, Argentina, but Machu Picchu in Peru was amazing as well.

5. Hobbies:
- Cross-country skiing, camping, baking, making soup, reading non-fiction, writing cards and mailing letters, watching documentaries, board games, road trips and assisting English teaching! :o)